Philadelphia, PA
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Consent Comprehension Assessment Trial (CoCoA Trial)
$45K Finalists

The U.S. government estimates that only 12% of Americans have proficient health literacy and 35% (~77 million people) are at a basic or below basic level of health literacy. These statistics disproportionately affect those with public health insurance or uninsured, racial/ethnic minorities, or lower education levels. [1] This presents challenges to obtaining valid, informed consent for clinical trials needed to address key clinical questions to improve care.  We propose an innovative strategy to address this.

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Philadelphia, PA

Let’s build community trust and improve people’s health and well-being.

The NIH Build UP Trust Challenge will award as many as ten Finalists up to $45,000 each and the opportunity to win one of four $200,000 prizes for promising strategies that increase research participation and the adoption of medical care by building trust and improving engagement with historically underserved communities.
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