New York, NY
Columbia University School of Nursing - Stephanie Nino de Rivera & Dr. Ruth Masterson Creber
Building trust through data sharing with a diverse Latinx community
$45K Finalists

Our solutions are grounded in our preliminary research on building trust with information and intent transparency, with underrepresented groups experiencing the largest changes in trust with more transparency. Recognizing that Latinxs continue to be grossly underrepresented in research due to a lack of trust, we seek to uplift the Washington Heights' Latinx community by prioritizing their data sharing preferences, understanding their data sharing concerns, and co-creating an accessible, inclusive informed consent aligned with their priorities.

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New York, NY

Let’s build community trust and improve people’s health and well-being.

The NIH Build UP Trust Challenge will award as many as ten Finalists up to $45,000 each and the opportunity to win one of four $200,000 prizes for promising strategies that increase research participation and the adoption of medical care by building trust and improving engagement with historically underserved communities.
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